Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
I have had a wonderful experience with Cuddle Tyme. Laurie has been fantastic and they do custom orders. Laurie will go out of her way to make your shopping experience perfect....
I got my order super fast! I am a very happy customer!
I love everything I have gotten from Cuddle Tyme!!!
Shelly, Central, UT
When Laurie started to make blankets and burp cloths I did not hesitate to give them to my baby boy. They were beautifully made with love. The detail she puts into each and everyone not only makes them unique and special but they last. The way she makes them customizable makes them even more incredible. I absolutely recommend her handmade one-of-a-kind items. Each is handmade by her. You won't regret it.
Laurie is my husband's aunt and she went out of her way to bless us with handmade blankets, burp cloths, and bibs when each of our girls was born. We've used them quite a bit and they're still in great condition. The blankets in particular are perfect for travel -- not too bulky, but plenty warm. She has such a great selection of fabrics and is clearly an expert and loves what she does. I highly recommend her services!
I moved from my home about a year ago. I lost track of Laurie Velasquez's business name and could not recall it. Ironically, today I found Laurie's name and was able to make contact with her. Laurie is an outstanding source for quality of fabric, designs, techniques, and her hemstitching is top of the line!!! Thank you so much!!!
Working with Laurie was a breeze. The pure joy I experienced being able to personalize my child’s baby blanket was so special to me. Growing up my baby blanket had bears on it so she was dedicated to making one for Grayson, very similar. She knocked it out of the park and even made burp cloths to match. Thank you, Laurie for creating something so special.

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